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The Music in my Head (Rizzoli, 24/7)

An intense autobiographical story that highlights the picture of a complex and multi-faceted artist, who has the ability to explain philosophical abstraction in simple, everyday language. The Music in my Head is a paean to what is happening now, to everyday beauty and to simple happiness hidden behind the surface of things, since “even a grey sky is full of notes.


“If we learn to be quiet, we will become able to grasp the eternal dance that surrounds us.”

“You should never be scared to break the rules, if it is our heart that asks us to. You should never be fearful of destabilising a system: need for change is in its nature. But above all you should always have the courage to expose yourself, to dare, to put yourself in play: for an artist, that is an obligation!”

“The keys hide a garden of marvels.”

“Young people, especially Europeans, are now living through the collapse of a society governed by image, and are feeling for themselves all of the full inconsistency of how they have been deceived and are finding themselves embroiled in an old, overcrowded world and they want to fly high, and to find themselves without barriers or filters, to express their emotional and creative universe to set against the desolation outside. You just have to know how to listen to them, and to appreciate their naïve candour, which has not yet been threatened by the inevitable disenchantment of adult years, so that you can submerge yourself in their boundless creativity, in the poetic brilliance of their thoughts, with the desire for an authentic life that follows the only real truth: emotions. The new generations will pull the world into a New Renaissance.”

“People travelling towards their dreams are always protected.”

NOTE: This book has been put into Braille by the Regina Margherita Italian Library for the Blind, which is a non-profit organisation. For more information, or to make a purchase, please go to bic@bibciechi.it