Giovanni Allevi


Giovanni Allevi is Friend of the Andersen Prize&Festival.

Maestro Giovanni Allevi is the guest of honour of the twenty-second edition of the Andersen Prize&Festival. Allevi, who has always been active on issues regarding children, is also the Ambassador of Save the Children, an NGO that celebrates its 100 years of activity this year.
Together with Daniela Fatarella, Deputy CEO of Save the Children Italia, the Maestro will inaugurate the Tales of the Bay of Silence to recount the everyday life that children in many countries in the world live and the suffering that they are forced to endure, still too much, but
also their great desire for a future full of peace and hope.
The composer will be at the traditional inauguration parade with the children and the prize- giving ceremony on 8th June.
“I am happy and proud to be a friend of the Andersen festival, an event that is the maximum expression of the fantasy, spontaneity and pureness of small children. Thanks to them, we can begin to see the world again with enchanted eyes.
I will also be at the Andersen Festival as Ambassador of Save the Children. We must be committed for our children to grow up in a fairer, greener and more peaceful world”.