Giovanni Allevi

Vi porterò con me

La mia vita con la musica (My life with music)

As an artist, I have a duty to go where no-one has before”, writes Giovanni Allevi, and his life and art reflect these words: from his first performances to “the Naples five”, to the crowds that welcome him now on his international tours.

This book is the story, told in words and images, of an extraordinary adventure through art and humanity that will lead us into the heart of Allevi’s personal story and philosophy. From New York to Tokyo, from London to Beijing and among some of Italy’s most breath-taking theatres and sceneries, the tale runs along a double track: on one hand, the exceptional images of concerts, back stages, journeys and exclusive stories from the artist’s childhood and training; on the other, an autobiographical narrative enriched by anecdotes and reflections, untold stories, notes on his philosophy and compositions, not to mention the “pupazzetto” (little face) that is the protagonist of so many autographs… A treasure trove of memories and thoughts that the innovative Allevi opens in front of us, “bringing us with him” into a creative world that continues to fascinate and enchant us through the years and musical challenges accepted and won.

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