Giovanni Allevi


  • Sunrise

  • Mandela

  • Symphony of Life

  • Elevazione

  • Heart of snow

  • La danza della strega/ Mosso

  • La danza della strega/ Adagio

  • La danza della strega/ Allegro con slancio


Music by Giovanni Allevi

With the Teatro Carlo Felice of Genoa Symphony Orchestra
Conductor and pianist: Giovanni Allevi
Violin soloist: Mariusz Patyra

Recorded at the Teatro Carlo Felice of Genoa by Max Gardini for Groove Factory during July and August 2012
Executive production and management: Nada Bernardo for Bizart srl

Fantasia concertante Piano and Orchestra
01. “Sunrise”
02. “Mandela”
03. “Symphony of life”
04. “Elevazione”
05. “Heart of snow”
La danza della strega (The Dance of the Witch)/ Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
06. Mosso
07. Adagio
08. Allegro con slancio

“I like to think that Sunrise is the dawn of a new day.
We are now surrounded by uncertainty, but we mustn’t stop dreaming of a better world.
I would like these notes to give hope to all and to give people courage to walk down new roads.
Music, my Capricious Witch, has returned with the moving sound of the violin, the piano and the orchestra.
Music is my revival.
After a long and difficult period, musical notes, joy and enthusiasm have come back to overwhelm me like a waterfall.
Now I only want these notes to be close to the hearts of people, to encourage them to overcome dark times, to rediscover the light that shines within us all”
Giovanni Allevi


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