Giovanni Allevi

LA MUSICA IN TESTA (“Music ahead”)

Memories, sources of inspiration and thoughts, finally collected in a light and intense book. “La Musica in Testa” by Giovanni Allevi is full of anecdotes – ranging from the well-known that fans constantly want to hear again, to new ones – all recorded with same bright freshness.

Giovanni dresses up as waiter at the Scala’s opening dinner in order to approach Riccardo Muti. For the whole evening he poured wine and carried heavy trays, until he extracted a CD from his apron and offered it to the maestro, who was enchanted. On that occasion a singer told him: “You will be famous”. She was right!
Giovanni who, a journalist writes, finds Mozart boring. A girl challenges him about it: how dare he criticise an undisputed musical genius? Panic-stricken, to make amends, he opens his next concert with a piece by the great composer, but he feels the need to apologise to the public: “I hope I won’t bore you!”.
Giovanni resting on a deck-chair, exhausted after a long tour in the USA, when he is asked to judge a meatball competition against his will. He is obliged to eat, but feels a strange thrill that for once he is the judge rather than the one being judged.

These and other autobiographical snippets clarify the complex, many-faceted profile of an artist who can express abstract philosophical concepts in simple everyday terms: the cicada disturbing one of his concerts echoes Fichte’s “I” and “non-I”… Starting from little things to arrive at universal feelings and emotions, Giovanni Allevi has acquired an extremely loyal following. “La Musica in Testa” is a hymn to the present, to the beauty of every day and to the simple joy hidden under the surface of things, because “even a grey sky is full of notes”.

More quotes:

“If we learn to be quiet, we will be able to hear the eternal dance that surrounds us.”

“You must never be afraid of breaking rules if your heart so dictates. Never be afraid of destabilising a system: its very nature dictates the need to change it. But above all, you must also find the courage to take risks, to dare, to put yourself on the line: it is the artist’s duty!”

“The piano keys open up a garden of wonders”.

“Young people today, especially Europeans, live under the pressure of the collapse of the image society, personally experiencing the lack of substance behind its dazzle. Finding themselves embroiled in an old and saturated world, they want to fly high again, to meet without barriers and filters, to express their emotional and creative universe so different to the bleakness surrounding them. All you need is to know how to listen to them, treasure their unsophisticated candour which hasn’t yet been threatened by the inevitable disillusionment of adulthood, to plunge into their boundless creativity, the poetic genius of their thoughts, their desire for a genuine life in pursuit of a single truth: emotion. The new generations will drag the world towards a New Renaissance.”

“People travelling towards their dream must always be protected.”


The book has been transcribed in Braille by Biblioteca Italiana per i Ciechi “Regina Margherita”- ONLUS. For further information, or to buy it, write to [email protected]