Giovanni Allevi

IN VIAGGIO CON LA STREGA (“Travelling with the witch”)

Giovanni Allevi’s first approached orchestral writing immediately after his diploma in composition when he was still unknown. His attempts to develop a new idea of symphonic music were met with indifference and were not understood. It took years of sacrifice and determination for that flicker of inspiration to become the beating heart of Evolution, now welcomed by the public which flocked to all dates on the summer tour. From these two old but inseparable stories, Giovanni retraces his artistic “evolution” in a private and honest diary which does not shy away from confessing to a deep personal crisis. Between anecdotes and intimate reflections, we see the angst and joy of constantly living with the capricious Witch that music is.
The text is enriched with exclusive photographs for Rizzoli, who accompanied the tour, ranging from the fervour of performance to moments of solitude away from the stage.