Giovanni Allevi

CLASSICO RIBELLE (“The classical rebel”)

Seeking truth and beauty, resisting the insidious certainties of tradition.
A symbolic murder of past masters, from Plato or Fibonacci to Rachmaninov, to assert the uniqueness of our times.
The new Renaissance has a motto: to put oneself on the line, fully, every day.
A rhythmic, joyful, worrying, furious and sweet time lies behind the apparent banality of our daily life. It is difficult to perceive it because we live in a society which fears the present and takes refuge in tradition, trying to relive the past and squashing future ambitions. But a New Renaissance is possible. It is imminent thanks to the “aliens” – the dreamers – who reject prejudice and pigeonholing, who believe in their dreams and can see the world through fresh eyes. Because “success” is neither a formula nor a number: it means throwing oneself fully into life, allowing oneself to be overwhelmed by the atavistic force of panic, fear and eros, overcoming the straitjacket of reason to finally find the spell of reality.
This book describes Giovanni Allevi’s impassioned and innermost thoughts, his relationship with technique and inspiration, to propose a definition of contemporary classical music; the commitment to building a language expression the world we live in; the fruitful battle with an Academy which wants to continue unchanged, mindless of the passing of time in the society. A philosophy of dedication and ethics based on the unique richness of the individual arise from his experience and his thoughts as a musician and composer for whom simplicity is a daily challenge – constantly revisiting and surpassing the most varied influences from Pythagoras to Bach, to Parmenides to Popper’s falsifiability. “Classical rebel” means sharing lessons learned, a new “method for essential harmony”, a sort of manual for lateral happiness in which all can recognise themselves and rediscover the sense of their uniqueness.
To everyday “search for the ray of poetry hidden in the folds of existence”.