Giovanni Allevi


“Allevilive” is Giovanni Allevi’s double live album that includes 26 pieces from his four albums for unaccompanied piano (“13 Dita” [“13 Fingers”] released in 1997, “Composizioni” [“Compositions”] released in 2003, “No concept” released in 2005 and “Joy” released in 2006) plus an unreleased one, called “Aria (per respirare) [“Air (to breathe)”]).

A deluxe version of the album has also been released: “ALLEVILIVE: special edition”, which as well as the double CD includes the DVD recorded on 26 August 2007 when Giovanni played in his home region of Le Marche during the “Joy Tour”.


“Allevilive is my way of celebrating ten years of recording releases, bringing together in one place the most important pieces from my first four albums for solo piano. It was recorded during several performances on the “Joy Tour”, during which – thanks to audience requests – I found myself playing my first compositions as an encore. In the meantime music has never stopped coming to find me. In a situation of such great concentration and intense physical effort, I felt a strong need to breath, to fill my lungs, and to take my hands off the steering wheel for a moment and let myself go willingly in the intoxicating flow of existence and music. And that is how “Aria (per respirare)” was created.