Giovanni Allevi


Giovanni Allevi is one of the main pure and uncontaminated composers on the present international scene. He is a composer, a conductor and a pianist.
He has a Honours Degree in Philosophy and two Conservatory Diplomas, with top marks in Piano and in Composition.

He quickly became a social phenomenon, an enfant terrible who has amazed the academic world with his extraordinary talent and charisma. He enters the collective imagination of the new generations who flock to his concerts. His compositions contribute to writing the rules of the new “Contemporary Classical Music”, with a cultured and emotional language which distances itself from twelve-tone writing and minimalism and reaffirms a new rhythmic and melodic European intensity based on forms of the classical tradition imbued with sounds of the present.

Allevi’s intellectual input has been met with enthusiasm from the public and esteem from the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI, the Nobel Prize Winner Mikhail Gorbachev and other many others from the world of arts and culture.
In 2012, he was awarded the title of Order of Merit of the Italian Republic for his artistic merits. There have been many degree theses written on him in Italian Universities which confirm the social and cultural value of his work.

He has given numerous concerts and gone on many international tours, from Carnegie Hall in New York, to The Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, to the Arena in Verona, playing in all major cities including Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, Seoul, Tokyo.
Upon his return of from the XXXth Olympic Games in London, where he was asked for the second consecutive time to represent Italian music (having performed with the China Philharmonic Orchestra in Beijing’s Forbidden City during the 2008 Olympic Games), he recorded his First Concerto for Violin and Orchestra “The Dance of the Witch”, included in his album of symphonic compositions “SUNRISE”.

Giovanni Allevi‘s career has seen public acclaim and recording success (with other 750.000 copies sold). After his two albums of unaccompanied piano “NO CONCEPT” (2005 – gold album and platinum album) which introduced Giovanni Allevi to a wider audience and “JOY” (2006), three times platinum album, Allevi released an album recorded with the symphony orchestra EVOLUTION” (2008 – gold album and platinum album). His discography also includes the album recorded live during the 2007 tour ALLEVILIVE” which celebrated his first ten years of his discographic career and the live DVD “Joy tour 2007” recorded at the Sferisterio Arena in Macerata (Italy).
In September 2009 the CD/DVD “Allevi & All Stars Orchestra – Arena di Verona” (also a golden album) was released following the big concert in the Verona Arena in front of an audience of 14 thousand, with the All Stars Orchestra (an orchestra of 90 musicians chosen from the virtuosos of the most important musical ensembles of the world).
The following unaccompanied piano album was “ALIEN”, recorded in Switzerland in 2010, and which was followed by an international tour: the “Alien World Tour”.
On 30 April 2012, Giovanni Allevi’s first album specifically designed for the French market was released: “SECRET LOVE”. The album, released by Sony Music France, is a compilation of his most famous piano compositions, with 14 studio tracks and 4 live tracks.

Approximately a year after the release of the symphonic albumSUNRISE” with his First Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, on 19 November 2013CHRISTMAS FOR YOU” (Bizart/ Sony Music) was released simultaneously in Europe, Japan and Australia, a Christmas album in which Allevi has selected traditional European – and not only – Christmas pieces and reinterpreted them on the piano. The pieces include Bach / Gounod’s Ave Maria in the version which Allevi presented for the first time live in the presence of Pope Francis in Saint Peter’s square in Rome for Family Day on 26 October 2013 (the event was broadcast live by Mondovisione).

Allevi is a successful writer: “La musica in testa” (“Music in my head”), published by Rizzoli, has become a best seller and won the “Elsa Morante” Literary Prize. He has also written a photographic book “In viaggio con la Strega” (“Travelling with the Witch”). His latest book, “Classico ribelle” (“Classical Rebel”), an aesthetic manifesto of his musical poetics, confirms the solidity of his classical background and culture.

He has won many prizes and awards, including the Best Soundtrack Prize at the Sundance Film Festival for the “Venceremos” short, the “Stella d’Oro Prize at the Valore Mozartiano”, the International “Golden Opera Award – Oscar della Lirica” prize. In 2012, at the 70th Venice Film Festival, the world-première of “Symphony of life”, an animation short on the composer, was shown.

In December 2013 he became an Ambassador for Save The Children, the humanitarian organisation which works to improve the life of children throughout the world.
Recently NASA dedicated the asteroid “111561 Giovanniallevi 2002 Ah3” to Maestro Allevi.

In early 2014, “ALIEN” received Platinum Album certification; the composer decided to celebrate by presenting a programme of unaccompanied piano spanning his twenty-year award-winning career as a composer at the main international concert halls.
On 20 January 2015 “LOVE” will be released by Bizart/Sony music, the new album of unaccompanied piano which offers an impassioned and intimate journey through 13 new compositions on the subject of Love in all its forms.

The preview of the international presentation tour for “LOVE” has been announced: it will take place on 27 February at the Cadogan Hall in London. The tour will continue through Europe in February and will reach Italy at the end of March before moving on to Japan.

Now on a collision course with the rampant and ever so trendy minimalism, Giovanni Allevi conducts for the first time ever, in Milan, his Sacred Cantata “Sotto lo stesso cielo”, piece for polyphonic choir, symphonic orchestra and four soloists, in which the Renaissance counterpoint merges with contemporary rhythms and Chinese pentatonic scales; as if the celestial vault were embracing East and West in a symbolic arch in a message of peace, respect for diversity and enchantment for nature.

In recent tours Giovanni Allevi has been accompanied by the Italian Symphonic Orchestra, a new group of young musicians coming from the most important and historical institutions in Italy such as the Orchestra alla Scala of Milan, the Maggio Musicale from Florence, and the Orchestra del Teatro Carlo Felice from Genoa: a “national football side” of orchestras. The relationship with the musicians is special and informal: “They know my music note by note, during the rehearsals we laugh and joke but on the stage or in the recording studio they are a war machine!”

Since 2016 he has passed long periods of the year on an island in the Atlantic Ocean where, in anonymity, he spends his time running and meditating, intent on rebuilding his strength and mental equilibrium, intent on deferring by at least four year the next musical project.

But in 2017 there was the fortuitous meeting with the American classical pianist Jeffrey Biegel, exceptional interpreter of Liszt and Rachmaninov, close collaborator of Leonard Bernstein and Keith Emerson. Invited to write “something” for him, Giovanni Allevi answered composing straight off the Concert for Piano and Orchestra no. 1: “Biegel is an interpreter with a huge heart and transcendental technique. I composed the concert dedicated to him without setting myself any limits”.

The Concert for Piano and Orchestra no. 1 was performed for the very first time in August 2017 at the SKyPAC (Kentucky USA) with Jeffrey Biegel on the piano accompanied by the Kentucky Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Jeff Reed. The concert was an immediate success and the audience was enthusiastic about the new piece. “Allevi’s concert for piano and orchestra will be a reference point for the new generation of pianists”, said Biegel the day after the concert.